K-12 Virtual Instruction Options!

SchoolsPLP offers a turnkey virtual instruction program to assist with specialized scheduling needs.


Whether the school needs a full-time online program, part-time solution, or a temporary stop-gap option, SchoolsPLP and our highly qualified teachers are here to help!

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Standard Instruction includes:

  • Highly Qualified Teachers
    Duties include monitoring student progress, grading assignments, individual virtual teaching sessions as needed, and responding to messages within 24 hours (Monday – Friday).
  • Program Coordinators
    Duties include encouraging the student to succeed, daily monitoring of student progress, daily messages with the student, communication with teachers and stakeholders as needed, and responding to messages within 24 hours (Monday – Friday).
  • Site Coordinators
    Duties include collaboration with on-site proctors and district staff to ensure the virtual instruction program is successful. Create plans for students who may be struggling and offer other support strategies for student success and academic achievement.

Synchronous Instruction Add-On includes:

  • Teacher synchronous sessions based on the district’s needs.
    The highly qualified teacher will have regular conversations with the onsite proctor, the district staff, and students in the classroom.
  • Typical synchronous sessions last one hour where the teacher has approximately 20 minutes of direct instruction and 40 minutes independent learning time. During independent learning time, the teacher will assist individual students.
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