SchoolsPLP and ESSA

ensure the most up-to-date accommodations for ALL students.


Every Student Succeeds

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), passed in 2015 following No Child Left Behind (NCLB), attempts to ensure equity and accountability in school instruction. While implementing ESSA best practices is a multi-faceted undertaking, arguably one of the most important elements of equity is personalization, which just happens to be the first P in SchoolsPLP (Personalized Learning Platform)!

Inequity is often the result of one-size-fits-all instruction and out-of-the-box curriculum that treats all learners as generic and interchangeable. However with proper accommodations, personalized instructional styles, and data-driven instruction, effective online-learning programs like SchoolsPLP can close the gaps between high and low learners, as well as offer intervention and extended learning depending on student need.

ESSA includes numerous provisions to ensure equity, including:
  • • Implementing protections and accommodations for disadvantaged and high-need students, which can be met in many ways through SchoolsPLP, including differentiation in settings (attempt limits, mastery thresholds), content (various publishers and instructional designs available to implement or combine into custom courses), and instruction (multimedia, alternative assessments, virtual math tutoring, and real-time student/teacher communication).

  • • Requiring all students are taught high academic standards that will prepare them for college and careers; with numerous core and career/technical education (CTE) course catalogs, teachers have several options within SchoolsPLP to ensure students are exposed to high academic standards and rigor. SchoolsPLP also allows teachers to choose the best instructional design for each learning style to ensure students learn and retain course objectives. Being able to easily personalize content for remediation and extended learning for groups or individual students in the Learning Plan increases the effectiveness of SchoolsPLP.

  • • Ensuring vital information is provided to stakeholders that measure students' progress toward those high standards. With SchoolsPLP data dashboards, reports, and tracking tools, the information schools need to provide data-driven instruction initiatives is at their fingertips. Parent access to data through messaging tools and data dashboards ensure efficient tracking of student performance, communication, and access, allowing full transparency between schools, parents, and students.

  • • Demanding accountability and action to improve our lowest-performing schools by addressing disengagement, lack of progress and low graduation rates. Though digital and online learning have recently become a much bigger part of our lives, it has a proven track record in alternative and at-risk school environments. Digital Learning can offer solutions not available in traditional instruction, and ideally close achievement and access gaps by providing flexible, work-from-anywhere, asynchronous styles of learning. With personalization and customization, SchoolsPLP can fit the needs of almost any learning environment.

At SchoolsPLP, we understand the need for evidence and data-driven practices that meet the requirements of ESSA, whether that be in terms of ease of implementation or funding requirements. SchoolsPLP can help you meet your school improvement and growth goals with a variety of options, including teacher training, curriculum choice, and program customization and personalization.

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