Special Education

SchoolsPLP offers a range of comprehensive Special Education services to support your school's unique needs.

SchoolsPLP Special Education Services helps to reach a variety
of learners, through a multitude
of ways.

Our programs, which may qualify for IDEA funding, include customized instructional plans, evidence-based progress tracking, virtual tutoring, and professional development for special education educators.

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Services Available:

  • • Collaborate to develop a customized instructional plan using the SchoolsPLP LMS, curriculum, and assessments to help special education students make meaningful progress attaining IEP goals provided by the school/district.

  • • Provide evidence of student progress and quantifiable data using the SchoolsPLP LMS and reporting engine, which can then be utilized in IEPs and/or goals when regathering the team to parent/guardian, special education coordinators, or any other necessary parties (case workers, parole officers, DES representatives, etc.).

  • • Provide a detailed narrative about the special education services SchoolsPLP provides so districts/schools can utilize IDEA funding, to pay for these services.

  • • Offer professional development opportunities on how special education teachers can utilize SchoolsPLP to support their students and how to set up available services.

  • • Conduct virtual synchronous tutoring and instruction for individual or small student groups.

  • • Contract SchoolsPLP special education services staff to participate virtually in student monitoring meetings and provide input related to student progress and assessments in the SchoolsPLP LMS.

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