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The following questionnaires are designed to help us understand your desired online, hybrid, or blended learning program better.

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Request Training Schedule and Prepare for Training

There are 3 parts to this questionnaire. All parts need to be completed together; however, you will be able to pause and complete it later if you need more time.

Schedule &
To identify
preferences of
when and how
trainings will be
Training Focus
To identify district/
school information
that will help trainers
focus on district/
school specific needs
& Rights
To identify your
course customization
needs and staff
rights within a
Integrations Rostering & Enrollment

Please complete this form to help us identify your district/school's needs/preferences for user rostering, enrollments, and integrations.​

Course Settings Set Default Settings

Please complete this form to identify your district/school's preferences for course default settings.​