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SchoolsPLP is a comprehensive digital learning platform that allows schools to easily plan and deliver online, hybrid, and blended learning options for students.

With the fastest start time in the industry, and an extensive catalog of digital and print curriculum, you will experience how SchoolsPLP could be implemented in your online, hybrid, or blended learning program.

Prior to SchoolsPLP, administrators had to decide between purchasing: one curriculum that might meet most learning styles or multiple curricula to try to reach all learning styles.

SchoolsPLP solves this problem by bringing multiple curricula and instructional designs to a single easy-to-use interface.​

Teachers often share ideas and work together. Teachers also need more automation to reduce their workload. SchoolsPLP offers administrators control with an option for teacher customization.

The Derivative Course Structure gives teachers and administrators the flexibility to make curriculum and course decisions that reduce workload and make the most sense for their school.

SchoolsPLP offers multiple access options including use with other LMS's and Google Classroom. Watch this video to learn how to increase teacher adoption and simplify the setup process with student rostering and enrollment.​ ​

SchoolsPLP offers
Technical Power, a Simple Experience, and Educational Choice
in a single easy-to-use interface.
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