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Ensure accuracy and consistency while automating background processes.

The SchoolsPLP platform integrates perfectly with your chosen student information system to simplify management and tracking of student education.

By integrating course, user, and enrollment data, you can ensure accuracy and consistency, automating the background processes so instructors and administrators can spend more time helping students achieve success. 

Avoiding the need to enter the same data into multiple programs can save a significant amount of time, and automated exchange of assignments, grades, and other tasks ensure that no one misses a step.  

Not only does SIS integration benefit students, but if an instructor takes leave, the integration can help classes continue to run smoothly until a replacement is found.  Additionally, the automatic updates help keep information current for budgeting and inventory purposes, leading to more streamlined and efficient processes for all involved.  

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Kym Reid
Mayer Unified School District

The support offered by SchoolsPLP is unmatched. As for the platform and course offerings, my students are focused, the data is immediate, and my teachers are happy.
It's a win-win-win!

Jeff Sawner
Educational Options Foundation

The simplicity of enrolling and assigning students in courses and the immediate access to each student's progress is a game changer. Our students can focus on learning and our teachers can spend time teaching. We didn't need extended professional development like other online programs we have used. When you couple the intuitive interface with engaging, standards aligned curriculum, and real-time progress reports there?s no question SchoolsPLP is the best tool to help my students succeed.