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High School Credit Recovery courses enable students to recover the credits needed to graduate and ensure they gain the core skills to succeed.

The SchoolsPLP program offers a flexible system
with multiple paths to recover credits.

  • Lesson by Lesson No Pre-Test

    The lesson by lesson option allows students to take full courses in sequential order with quizzes and tests for each lesson.

  • Lesson by Lesson With Pre-Test for Benchmark

    The pre-test for benchmark option allows schools to assess the amount of growth that a student achieves by comparing the benchmark test to the final exam.

  • Credit By Exam (CBE)

    The credit by exam option allows students skip entire courses and earn credits by achieving an exam score that exceeds the level chosen by the school.

  • Pre-Test Allows Students To Skip Lessons

    The pre-test option allows students to skip specific lessons where they demonstrate a high level of proficiency. The course will automatically mark lessons as passed and the student is only required to take the lessons where they need additional improvement.

  • Customization

    Teachers can customize courses allowing students to only focus on the portions of the course they still need to master.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Teachers can check a student’s progress as they work in the course and offer immediate feedback.

Course Design

  • Credit Recovery

  • Intervention

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Design Credit Recovery, GED, HiSET & TASC Readiness programs to meet diverse student population needs in order to prepare students for graduation and success.

In recent years, online credit-recovery courses and programs have developed quickly, as the need for students to recover credits has increased. Limited space and the lack of available staff are just some of the challenges that arise for administrators in regard to recovery programs. As credit recovery is a relatively new concept, some educators debate whether the credit recovery course experience should be the same or different for the student who has never taken the course. Teachers should feel confident that students in credit recovery programs are learning the same content offered in a traditional class.

Students fall behind for a variety of reasons.

SchoolsPLP allows for a variety of Credit Recovery options to help students recover credits and get back on track to graduate on time.

Some ideas to evaluate when developing a credit recovery option:

  • Identify student characteristics and history to determine eligibility and best route for course completion
  • Monitor progress closely to assure student success
  • Consider ideal stopping points and assessment opportunities throughout the course
  • Latest technology developments allow for school, class and student customization
  • Equip teachers with instant student feedback and easy communication tools to students and parents

Credit recovery should engage the students while challenging them to achieve their true potential. Schools are finding an increased level of success when credit recovery programs are flexible, challenging and customizable.

High school equivalency exams are widely used in districts where out-of-school youth and adults are given the opportunity to demonstrate their high school-level proficiency and their readiness for higher education or the workplace. With the GED, HiSET (High School Equivalency Test by ETS Educational Testing Services, and TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion from CTB/McGraw Hill) are all being offered on paper and/or online starting in 2014, it is important for students to be ready, not only for the content tested, but also for the format of the online testing. With high school equivalency test preparation designed to mirror the exams, students can be prepared to meet their goals and find success.

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Kym Reid
Mayer Unified School District

The support offered by SchoolsPLP is unmatched. As for the platform and course offerings, my students are focused, the data is immediate, and my teachers are happy.
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Jeff Sawner
Educational Options Foundation

The simplicity of enrolling and assigning students in courses and the immediate access to each student's progress is a game changer. Our students can focus on learning and our teachers can spend time teaching. We didn't need extended professional development like other online programs we have used. When you couple the intuitive interface with engaging, standards aligned curriculum, and real-time progress reports there?s no question SchoolsPLP is the best tool to help my students succeed.