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Use a digital curriculum to supplement live classes in order to increase student success.

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Teachers can use SchoolsPLP the same as they would a textbook without the inconvenience of finding a place to store them in their already limited classroom space.

Blended learning benefits students, teachers, and administrators. Students gain technological fluency and collaborative skills, while having more flexibility in completing their students. 

Teachers can customize to fill gaps in knowledge, supplement curriculum with audio, video, and other aides while receiving up-to-date data tracking their students’ progress. 

Administrators will see higher student achievement, which can lead to higher test scores and even increased funding, and they will also receive data that can help find weak points in the staff and student body.

Blended learning can take on a variety of forms, from learning taking place entirely online, but with regular check-ins from an instructor; live instruction with an equal amount of online material, or primarily live instruction with occasional online resources. 

Regardless of what works best for your students, our platform allows you to customize curriculums and individual learning plans to best suit your needs – and those of the class.

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Kym Reid
Mayer Unified School District

The support offered by SchoolsPLP is unmatched. As for the platform and course offerings, my students are focused, the data is immediate, and my teachers are happy.
It's a win-win-win!

Jeff Sawner
Educational Options Foundation

The simplicity of enrolling and assigning students in courses and the immediate access to each student's progress is a game changer. Our students can focus on learning and our teachers can spend time teaching. We didn't need extended professional development like other online programs we have used. When you couple the intuitive interface with engaging, standards aligned curriculum, and real-time progress reports there?s no question SchoolsPLP is the best tool to help my students succeed.