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Our digital curriculum choices make it easy for you to focus on the basics – letter/sound recognition, social and emotional development, communication, counting, recognizing and predicting patterns, simple graphing, physical education, rules and consequences, cursive handwriting and much more! Get a jump start on learning 21stcentury skills in courses such as Intro to Typing.  

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In recent years, more and more public and charter elementary schools have adopted the digital model which allows adults to attend online school courses on their own time.  Students in virtual elementary programs eschew traditional backpacks and lunchboxes in favor of a distanced model by hopping on to an internet-connected device that allows them to view recorded lessons, participate in live, online discussions, or use a webcam to make personal connections to instructors and other students.  Offline assignments are completed by hand, uploaded, and submitted to an instructor for feedback.  Parents choose virtual schools because of the convenience of a flexible schedule, while others may not be satisfied with local public options and find they have more control over what and how their children learn in a virtual elementary environment.

Textbook Replacement

Textbooks have for centuries been utilized as a form of information storage, and in many traditional classrooms, a teacher stands behind a podium or in front of a whiteboard, highlighting important information in a textbook, and assigning students pages to read from their textbooks, which they physically carry back and forth from home to school each day.  Unfortunately, this model assumes that all students are equally able and motivated to learn in a top down, lecture-style classroom.  The reality is that all students come from differing backgrounds and have varied levels of mastery.  Many schools now replace their old textbooks with digital curriculum, which enables students to work at their own pace and in the order that makes most sense for each student.  While all students are still responsible for learning the same standards, our intelligent software guides them through the course material and assesses performance constantly.

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The simplicity of enrolling and assigning students in courses and the immediate access to each student's progress is a game changer. Our students can focus on learning and our teachers can spend time teaching. We didn't need extended professional development like other online programs we have used. When you couple the intuitive interface with engaging, standards aligned curriculum, and real-time progress reports there?s no question SchoolsPLP is the best tool to help my students succeed.