• Course Type
    Core Courses
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    Language Arts
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English Language Arts EK provides a strong foundation for emergent readers and writers, preparing them for Kindergarten. This course focuses on the alphabet – letter recognition, sound recognition, and beginning writing skills of uppercase and lowercase letters. Students will recognize rhyming words, beginning sounds of words, and begin to blend sounds to make three letter words. As students become more familiar with the letters of the alphabet, they will begin to develop fundamental book skills which includes making the connection that letters form the words in books. In addition, they will begin handling books properly, sequencing events from stories, and recognizing characters and settings. English Language Arts EK also places a large focus on advancing the speaking and listening skills of the Early Kindergarten student to develop the communication abilities of a good learner.  This course was developed with the parent and Early Kindergarten teacher in mind, providing the opportunity for the Early Kindergarten student to thrive in either the school or home environment.