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    Core Courses
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  • Course Length
    One Semester

Students enrolled in Forensic Science will develop a better understanding of the reality of forensic science, which is often contradicted by the fictional forensic science portrayed in entertainment. Students begin by exploring the history and background of forensic science. They discover several forensic science disciplines, such as pathology, anthropology, toxicology, serology, entomology, and odontology. Students learn and use proper lab practices, which ensure the integrity of any collected organic and inorganic evidence. Students investigate chromatography, spectroscopy, and microscopy techniques. They also explore and survey the impact of DNA analysis and questioned document analysis on forensic science. This course teaches the proper handling of impression evidence, such as shoe print, foot, tire, lip print, firearm, and fingerprint impressions while students examine the analysis of trace evidence, including hair and glass. The course concludes with an exploration into the ways in which forensic science is interconnected with the legal system, as well as what the future holds for forensic science.