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    Core Courses, Credit Recovery, Honors
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  • Course Length
    One Semester

A foundational branch of physical science, the principles and laws of chemistry find many applications in business, technology, health care, and other fields outside traditional scientific areas. Beginning with a look at measurements, calculations, data analysis, and the scientific method, students will investigate the properties of elements, compounds, and mixtures. A survey of the history of theories of atomic structure will lead students to Mendeléev’s periodic table and an inspection of periodic law. Next, students will apply atomic theory in the study of molecular and chemical bonding interactions through chemical formulas, reactions, and stoichiometry. Students’ knowledge will expand as they learn about the states of matter, gas laws, solutions, acids and bases, thermochemistry and reaction kinetics, and oxidation-reduction reactions. The course concludes with inquiries into organic chemistry, biochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. Throughout the course, there are lab investigations, including video labs, to reinforce science concepts and skills.