• Course Type
    Core Courses
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  • Course Length
    One Semester

Applied Mathematics covers the fundamental mathematics necessary for students to obtain a broad range of skills. Although problems in this course apply to a variety of topics from Algebra to Geometry, emphasis is given to real-world applications. Students write and solve linear equations to represent situations such as the value of a car or the distance that a plane travels during a trip. They also learn to solve quadratic equations and find the maximum value of quadratic equations. Students explore area, perimeter, and volume, and then they apply these concepts to situations such as building a swimming pool. Students calculate conversions between the U.S. customary system of measurements and the metric system. Geometry concepts presented in this course include the Pythagorean Theorem, using similar triangles, finding dimensions, and interpreting scale on a map. Finally, students use statistical concepts to interpret data sets and turn those data sets into graphical representations.