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    Core Courses
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    Social Studies
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Social Studies 5 puts American history front and center, as students learn about the Native American civilizations of the Americas, the discovery of the New World by European explorers, the founding of the United States, westward expansion, and the coming of the Industrial Revolution. Students leverage research skills to analyze historical events and documents, and they present their findings using arguments based on reliable sources with supporting facts. They refine their ability to distinguish fact from opinion in the context of historical investigation. Students also broaden their understanding of government by recognizing how the system of checks and balances works at both national and state levels, and they identify and interpret important songs and symbols of the United States. Civic responsibility is woven throughout the curriculum, and students recognize the value of public service and the traits of good leaders. Social Studies 5 also explores the themes, tools, and techniques of geography. Students learn how human interaction with the environment has caused change, both beneficial and detrimental, in the past and in the present. Finally, they learn how the U.S. economy functions, including the role of government and multinational organizations in domestic and international trade. This course includes a printed Parent and Teacher Guide that will help you support your student’s learning.