• Course Type
    Core Courses
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  • Category
    Social Studies
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Social Studies 3 focuses on the United States, including its government and its laws. Students are encouraged to think about what it means to be productive, responsible citizens of both the nation and their own local communities. To support their learning about U.S. history and differing cultures and perspectives, students develop and research compelling questions on historical topics, work with credible sources, and distinguish between fact and opinion. Additionally, they learn to evaluate the validity of sources, especially websites. Students develop presentation skills that include constructing arguments to support their opinions and using visual aids to add interest to oral reports. They also expand their map-reading skills and learn the fundamentals of financial literacy. In addition to studying the United States, students examine the geography, culture, history, government, and economy of three other world communities: Canada, Mexico, and India. This course includes a printed Parent and Teacher Guide that will help you support your student’s learning.