• Course Type
    Core Courses
  • Grade Level
  • Category
    Social Studies
  • Course Length
    One Semester

Social Studies 1 leads students beyond their local community to consider their place in their state, the nation, and the world. They explore the function and characteristics of government in the United States, including the role of rules and laws and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Students also learn how to ask questions and gather information to understand history. The course focuses on developing students’ knowledge of the interplay between the physical world and human societies, as they learn basic geography skills, such as map reading, and examine the impact of the environment on how and where people live and how regional variations drive trade in both goods and services. Finally, students build their understanding of good citizenship by identifying ways to contribute to the community and avoid conflict and by interacting respectfully with others. This course includes a printed Parent and Teacher Guide that will help you support your student’s learning.